Examples of services and productions

Production Examples

Main Service Performance

Sales Copywriting
  • Thank you, The Osteopathic Hospital (blog)
  • Miyazaki Driving School (Article Style LP)
  • Saitama Dance School (Article Style LP)
  • youtube pachinko program script
Sales Design
  • Solo stage performance (flyer for information)
  • Solar Sales (FAX-DM)
  • Human Resources Evaluation Seminar (FAX-DM)
  • Golf bracelet (for promotional flyers)
Pharmaceutical Check
  • Fass Miso
  • JAS Mark Organic Tea Novetsu Tea (yahoo, Rakuten)
  • Pharmaceutical Aroma
  • Izumi Soap
EC Mail Order
  • Stationery manufacturer (product page, etc.)
  • Health Foods

Flow of request

1.Contact us and apply

Please contact us from the contact form.
When you contact us, please let us know your business and your current problems.
We will contact you within 3 days of business.

2.Confirm your request

We will listen to the contents that the customer wants to request.
We will propose a plan in accordance with your wishes.
The first time is free of charge.
Face-to-face, online and phone calls are available.

3.Plan decision and contract

If you understand and agree with us after the hearing, we will exchange your application form.

4.Pay for the fee

After payment of the usage fee, please bank transfer in one week after the contract.
We will start the service after payment confirmation.

Voice of the customer

Mr. Breezy (Pharmaceutical Check)

I was very helpful because of my qualifications, careful advice and checks!
Thank you very much.

BORDERLESS88-like (Onbetsucha EC mail order page production)

Thank you for your last visit.I would like to ask you again.

If you have any questions or questions, please feel free to let us know.