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Thank you for visiting the Sales Design Plus website.
Sales Design Plus produces writing designs for entrepreneurs, small business estimors, and freelancers.

  • We are worried that the current number of customers and sales will not go up.
  • Don't spend time writing or designing
  • We want to convey the value of our products and services to our customers.

We help you to convey your concerns to customers in an attractive and easy-to-understand manner of products and services from the viewpoint of [copywriting] [design].
In addition, we can provide total support for services such as online (WEB) and offline (paper media) for pharmaceutical and inbound applications.

Our Services


Landing page / EC mail order start-up support / writing (blog, etc.) / Pharmaceutical check , rewrite / flyers , booklets, etc. please contact us if there is any other paper medium production.

Handling applications

Office Word Excel PowerPoint/ Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe Photoshop/ More

About Us

Company NameSales Design Plus
Description of businessCopywriting production and
design production
Name of representativeNishida Unmasa (Nishidakmi)
LocationOsaka Prefecture

Representative Profile

Sales copywriter and sales desig
ner Yunya Nishida

BiographyAfter graduating from university, he worked in a back office job mainly for a manufacturing company.
He has a wide range of experience in production management, trade, material purchasing, and sales, and is well versed in the flow from production to sales in manufacturing industries in all fields.
In 2016, he worked as a stationery manufacturer in charge of e-commerce mail order, wanting to spread his career.
Then, all things about EC are experienced.
During that time, he studied pharmaceutical copywriting while gaining experience in copywriting and flyer production on the sideline.
Looking ahead to future things such as child-rearing and nursing care, he retired from the stationery manufacturer in January.
He is currently working for an ec-mail order company that handles health foods, and is currently training in direction work.
MissionSupporting women who work in parallel even if they have children
Dreams for the futureProviding jobs that will lead to the future so that it will be easier for people who raise children with one-op
Favorite WordsThere is still a long way to go to grow/ all the good ness
What I likeRead manga/ Watch dramas/ Walk
Favorite EntertainerOfficial Beard Man dism / Hoshino Gen / Sato Ken