Table of Views/ Administrative Guidance Just by acquiring a spatial sterilization 


Hi, I'm Nishida.

I often see people hanging things like blue neck straps and blue name tags on the way out recently.

I worked for a former stationery manufacturer, so I was curious about what kind of product it was and found out what kind of product it was"portable space disinfection products".

It was sold when I looked up by EC net mail order.

On May 15, the Consumer Affairs Agency pointed out this type of product as a hype, and there was administrative guidance.


・ Remove the virus in the space just by wearing it

・ 1≥ spatial sterilization only by wearing

・ By carrying it, it can be sterilized and deodorized in offices and conference rooms.

・ As a prevention of commuting, we will disinfect and deodorize

・ Remove viruses, bacteria, and odors floating in space in trains, buses, and various facilities.

It is famous as a sentence that is prohibited to be used in pharmaceutical advertisements such as [●● only ~ ● can be] [●● by ● ● can].

In this day and age, when selling new Corona-related products and services, the Consumer Affairs Agency strictly patrols pharmaceutical expressions such as the Premium Labeling Act and the Health Promotion Act.

In particular, it is prohibited to use such as good misidentification, exaggerated expression, etc.

Please be careful about the expression of the pharmaceutical affairs advertisement such as the premium display method.