For the president, entrepreneur, and freelance of small and medium-sized enterprises worried by the law of the pharmaceutical affairs

We can solve the drug machine method further by telling the charm and value to the customer and saving the trouble of web and flyer production.

  • I’m not sure about the pharmaceutical law.
  • I’m not good at copywriting or design.
  • I want to increase sales and attract customers from now on.

Total support is possible from online (web) to offline (flyers, etc.).


Sales Copywriting

We will write for sales in easy-to-understand words that stick to customers who want to increase sales than they do now.

Sales Design

We design for sales so that customers can be interested in images, photographs, decorations, etc. from the way they look.

Pharmaceutical Check Rewrite

We provide products and services for pharmaceutical affairs and check the texts and images you are interested in.Rewrite is also possible.

The Information

The homepage of the sample co., Ltd. has been renewed.Service information, of course, staff blog, etc., so we will continue to disseminate a variety of information, thank you in the future ...
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 Table of Views/ Administrative Guidance Just by acquiring a spatial sterilization 

Hi, I'm Nishida. I often see people hanging things like blue neck straps and blue name tags on the way out recently. I worked for a former stationery manufacturer, so I was curious about what kind of product it was and found out what kind of product it was"portable space disinfection products". It was sold when I looked up by EC net mail order. On May 15, the Consumer Affairs Agency pointed out this type of product as a hype, ...
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